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Reconditoned and Recycled Good Used Parts

We would not sell any part we would not be happy to use ourselves in our own engines.

ONLY MAJOR ITEMS ARE LISTED BELOW. It is not possible to list all the smaller items so please ask us about the particular part you need. Our stock changes daily so check these pages for latest offers. If what you want is not listed it may be coming into stock soon or we can find a part that suits you.

We have a large range of reconditoned and good used second hand parts, including starter motors, alternators, flywheels, flywheel housings, air cleaners, exhaust manifolds, oil pans, rocker arms, front housings, fuel priming pumps, filter base groups, vee drive fan drives, air compressors, crankshaft dampers, fuel injectors, mounting group, fuel lines, oil lines....and much more. Just contact us to see if we have the item you need.

All parts are cleaned and painted before despatch. Please view details of how our parts are thoroughly reconditioned.

If you know you will require a particular part in the future it makes sense to tell us now. We can then be alert for a good part, rather than having to rely on what will be available the day you need it. Please ask us as we are keen to help you.

Parts are listed as subject to prior sale. All prices quoted are Australian Dollars (AUD$) ex works (plus G.S.T. in Australia if applicable). Freight can be arranged anywhere and we can assist with freight quotes to your destination. The nearest seaport is Brisbane, Australia. Please view special sale conditions for reconditoned and good used parts prior to ordering.


2 x 3126M Air Heaters - Part No: 1063842
Reference No.: PartJ472 More information
 Price: POA

3 x New C12 Oil Pans - Part No: 4P7360
Reference No.: PartJ461 More information
 Price: POA

3 x New C12 Oil Cooler Engine - Part No: 4P3754
Reference No.: PartJ463 More information
 Price: POA

3 x NEW C10 & C12 Flywheels - Part No: 4P8515
Reference No.: PartJ464 More information
 Price: POA

3 x NEW C10 Turbochargers - Part No: 1657311
Reference No.: PartJ465 More information
 Price: POA

3 x NEW 3406CM Expansion Tank Group - Part No: 1W1429
Reference No.: PartJ471 More information
 Price: POA

2 x 3126 New Junction Box Wiring Group - Part No: 1059778
Reference No.: PartJ473 More information
 Price: POA

3126M New Exhaust Riser Water Cooled - Part No: 1369081
Reference No.: PartJ474 More information
 Price: POA

NEW 3208M Aftercooler Core - Part No: 9Y5171
Reference No.: PartJ470 More information
 Price: POA

Padded Utility Glove in stock great price. Can freight at added cost
Reference No.: PartJ966 More information
 Price: $14.34 + gst

Cat hat black with yellow rim.Caterpillar approved use of GOLDPOWER DIESEL name on back of cap. Can freight
Reference No.: PartJ968 More information
 Price: $20 + gst

Hardened cutting edges stay sharper longer and cut with less effort. Machined cutter heads for matched blades. •Black oxide finish •Vinyl grip
Reference No.: PartJ970 More information
 Price: $116 + gst

Brand New Cat muffler to suit C7 - C9 industrial engines. great price.still in Cat box part number 4N-4577
Reference No.: PartJ977 More information
 Price: 300+gst

Sump removed off new engine, as new condition suit many 3406 3406E etc truck marine industrial engines etc part number 150-4637. Great price freight available $567plus gst
Reference No.: PartJ954 More information
 Price: $567 + gst

Sump removed off brand new engine, in as new condition . Part number 150-4636 NRPs to 7w-5249 & 9y-5589 great price & freight available
Reference No.: PartJ955 More information
 Price: $623 + gst

C-15 truck style sump etc used part number 160-1429 good condition can freight
Reference No.: PartJ956 More information
 Price: $651 + gst

Used Rear flywheel housing. suit C15 part number 223-4739
Reference No.: PartJ979 More information
 Price: $950+GST

Reference No.: PartJ959 More information
 Price: $989 + GST

3208 Water-cooled Marine Turbo.Rebuilt By Cat dealer.off 425hp 3208 Marine engine part number 9Y-9337
Reference No.: PartJ976 More information
 Price: 1800+gst

Flywheel removed off brand new engine. In un-used new condition, suit a lot of 3400 series marine & industrial etc engines can freight
Reference No.: PartJ957 More information
 Price: $1968 + gst

full powered light up display gauge panel with or without Cat messger display. Removed off brand new engines. Suit all industrial engines from C7 - C27. As New great looking unit's.
Reference No.: PartJ978 More information
 Price: 2000+gst

Cat turbo charger group. Complete. Fully rebuilt. Part No: 2P4664 0R5851
Reference No.: PartJ330 More information
 Price: $2,200.00

3304 SR4 Alternator. 100KVA
Reference No.: PartJ677 More information
 Price: $2,200.00

rear flywheel housing to suit 3400 series marine industrial etc etc spec engines. New take off. in as new con great price and can freight, others available to suit other model engines, call today
Reference No.: PartJ958 More information
 Price: $2376 + gst

Recon C-15 Crankshaft part numuber 160-1799 cast number 156-8536 size 25'25' frieght world wide
Reference No.: PartJ965 More information
 Price: $3999 +gst

Cat 7211 Marine gear boxes. Complete. Good units. S/No: 66X0589, 5.1 Ratio SAE No: 1, serviced and painted
Reference No.: PartJ326 More information
SOLD Price: $5,000.00

2 x NEW Cat 3406 radiator fan drive groups. 7N9945. 9.5 sq ft.
Reference No.: PartJ660 More information
 Price: $5,280.00 Each

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