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All Goldpower reconditioned components are thoroughly checked, cleaned and reconditioned as follows:

CYLINDER BLOCKS: Chemically cleaned, cracktested, pressure tested, line bore main bearing tunnels, fit Cat® counterbore inserts, surface grind face, fit all new cam bearings.
CRANKSHAFTS: Chemically cleaned, cracktested, hardness tested, Crankshaft grind to Cat undersize.
CYLINDER HEADS: Chemically cleaned, cracktested, pressure tested, valve guides replaced, seats & valves cut & faced, surface grind, new valve collets fitted, fully re assembled. We do not repair cracked heads!
CAMSHAFTS: Chemically cleaned, cracktested, lobes profiled & re hardened.
FUEL PUMPS: Chemically cleaned, fully stripped & inspected, re assembled with new parts [seals, bearings, bushes ,springs, valves, gears ,ring weights, pistons, thrust washers] fully tested and set engine h.p. rating.
OIL PUMPS: Chemically cleaned, new valves & springs fitted, new bearings & gears fitted, fully re assembled.
TURBO CHARGERS: Chemically cleaned, new rings, seals, bearing shaft, compressor wheel, fully tested, fully re assembled.
CON RODS: Chemically cleaned, cracktested, re-size to spec, new gudgeon bushes fitted.
OIL COOLERS & AFTER COOLERS: Chemically cleaned, pressure tested, new seals & gaskets fitted fully re assembled.
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