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Tips on Cat® engine operations

“Engine Tips” details information of a general nature of interest to Cat Engine Users.
For detailed information on any subject listed below or information on any Cat product or equipment contact your local Cat Dealer.



How sensitive are unit injectors to contaminated fuel?
Unit injectors are more sensitive than ever to fuel contaminants. You can maintain performance and extend component life by carefully managing your fuel-related operations and using Cat High Efficiency Fuel Filters.  (top)

Can computer viruses corrupt Electronic Control Modules (ECM)?
We have been asked if computer viruses corrupt Electronic Control Modules (ECM) if PC based service tools ET and VIMSPC are used. Caterpillar tests show virtually no possibility that an infected Flash File will be executed by an ECM. (top)

New Cat batteries - More Power - Less Weight.
Check out the new Cat batteries - they can give you more power with less weight. (top)

How important is cooling system maintenance for my Cat® engine?
Diesel engine manufacturers have increased engine operating temperatures to improve engine efficiency. This means proper cooling system maintenance is especially important. Overheating, overcooling, pitting, cavitation, erosion, cracked heads, piston seizures and plugged radiators are classic cooling system failures. Coolant is as important as the quality of your fuel and lubricating oil.

Caterpillar stands behind its cooling system products - does your current supplier? (top)

Caterpillar Remanufactured Products are your best value
Caterpillar Remanufactured Products are your best value with the most complete remanufactured product coverage in the industry. Most Cat Remanufactured Products are priced at 20 to 50% of new replacement price.Critical engineering updates are incorporated and the Warranty for Cat Remanufactured parts and products is the same as for new Cat products. (top)

Importance of changing injectors regularly.
There may be operators who haven't changed injectors for "years" to save money. Are you receiving the fuel consumption you expect? At todays fuel prices worn injectors may be costing money. Discuss fuel consumption with your Dealer.(Ask if remanufactured injectors are available for your model). (top)

Cat Diesel Oil
Cat Diesel Engine Oil (DEO) has been developed,tested and approved by Caterpillar to provide the performance and life which has been designed and built into our engines and transmissions. Cat oils currently used for factory fill are now offered by Caterpillar dealers for continued refill use.

Due to significant variations in the quality and performance of commercially available oils check Caterpillar recommendations with your Cat dealer. (top)

Repair before failure to save time and money.
Repair before failure can save you time and money. Before-failure repairs can get your engine back to work sooner and cost as little as one-fifth the price of after failure repairs.

In addition, repairing before failure reduces damage or failure of related parts, allows you to schedule repairs at your convenience minimising downtime and minimizes part replacement as we can analyse individual components to determine reusable value. (top)

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